GRC, also known as Governance, Risk Management and Compliance is a popular term today. The word "compliance" has been said to have formed from the meaning "To comply with another's wish" which means to make up to someone's expectations. If we were to target this conversation on overseas business, what would exporting products, services and technology mean?

Origin of Compliance

Our goal is to contribute to society by activities and answering to your needs. Our motto is "Creativeness and Innovation"
The origin of our compliance as a trading company is to respect and observe each country's law and culture, making a worldwide contribution to society.


Compliance is critical to a company. Observing law, company rules, company logic is needed to keep the company healthy. We think that compliance is the most important element in managing a company.

Compliance Policies

■ List of matters to observe

  • Respect of human rights and prohibit racism and sexual harassment.
  • Prohibit personal monopolization, trade restriction and unfair trade.
  • Prohibit unfair competition, production of illegitimate goods, acquiring and usage of unfair information.
  • Observe every law, rule and to acquire permission when needed.
  • Observe Import and Export regulations, international regulations and take appropriate procedures.
  • Join activities to protect the Earth and environment.
  • Prohibit violation of intellectual property.
  • Prohibit bibery and sending redundant amount of gifts. .
  • Prohibit supplying anti social forces
  • Management of information.
  • Correct use of the information system.
  • Prohibit insider trading
  • Prohibit conflict of interest.
  • Appropriate management of accounts, report taxes and release information on the company.

Teaching compliance

We will teach our employees the correct knowledge on compliance every month.