Food, Health Food and other Import and Export

■ Documentation

We will take care of all the necessary documents that you will need in doing business overseas such as: Purchase Order, Sales contract, Letter of Credit, Payment and settlement, Shipping and handling. Most of these papers require a lot a time and revising so we will do all of these documents for you as well as picking up necessary forms.

■ Correspondent

Correspondent fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese will assist you with emails, telephone, negotiations on your behalf. Our correspondents also have experience and special knowledge in this area to achieve the best results in negotiations, which is the most important point of business overseas.

■ Logistics

Finding the best way to ship your products according to amount, delivery date, and budget is important and we can help you do that. We can also make arrangements for shipping by sea, air and express air delivery. For those who require, arrangement for shipping within the country is also available.

Insurance Claim

Products being damaged during international shipping due to accidents and weather occur often. To protect your products, we have insurance. If there is damage, we will be responsible to file for insurance claim on your behalf.


Support in expanding overseas

■ Product Show/Exhibition Support

Interested in a product show overseas? We can give you information and help you with the paperwork that comes with it, and assist you in getting your products to the country of the show. Our interpreter will accompany you to the show and support you with language and paperwork so you can concentrate on researching. Also upon request, we can support you after the show with any companies or persons you would like to do business with for expanding your overseas business.

■ Research on local information

We can do a "Feasibility Study" (an investigation of its possibilities as a business) and gather all the information you will need to know in the country you would like to expand in.


■ Services

1) Setting up of foreign firms, branch office, subsidiary company, and or main office.
2) Changes in your foreign firm: business range/area, capital, directors etc.
3) Settling accounts for: foreign firm, branch office, and or main office
4) One stop service (Service which takes care of all the related paperwork in one place): Real estate referral for offices, office interior, product show display, consultation regarding recruitment, vehicle rental service etc.


Overseas investors and Investment Referral

■ Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a financial provided to early-stage, high potential, growth start up companies.

■ Growth Equity

Type of private equity investment, often a minority investment in mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations or enter new markets without a change in control of business.

■ Management Buyout

The purpose of an MBO or MBI is to save companies scheduled for closure for financial or HR problems. After investing in a company through an MBO, we will try to make a better management team and act as a partner by supplying needs.

■ Business Revitalization Investment

Investment in medium size businesses that are planning a business revitalization. Through answering your needs for stabilizing financial situation, expansion, hiring management level HR, we can support you.